Gracious owners, Manolis and Sabine organize some great activities to make your holiday just fabulous.

You could explore the area by yourself; this is the perfect place for walking and biking enthusiasts with some great paths around. Hike uphill on the E4 footpath from the hotel straight to the Lassithi plateau. Relax with a Swedish massage or an aroma therapy. For experienced paragliders there is a take-off located right behind the hotel and a landing field down in the valley, both visible from Velani's terrace. Last but not least, Country Hotel Velani, has its own equestrian centre "The Odysseia Stables" providing professional lessons, hacking, daytrips and trekking for all levels and ages. 

All these activities are organized on site or around the hotel. 

- Velani has its own profesional equestrian centre on site. Organizing horse riding treks, hacks and lessons for riders of all levels.
- Free available routes for walking and biking
- Weekly trekking by foot or horse.
- Paragliding for experienced pilots
- Swedish massage, Thai massage or aroma therapy.
- For groups hotel organizes speleology (caving), as well as mountain climbing.
- A 18 hole golf course is located at 7 km from the hotel.
- Different water sports can be found along the coast.

Or maybe you would like to visit some small villages. The village of Krasi with a water spring and very large old Platanus tree. The village of Mochos for a drink on its central village square. The traditional village of Amariano, were you will definitely be the only tourist. A perfect place to meet the Cretans in the taverna opposite of the water springs.

With older children you might prefer a visit to the aqua fun park for an exciting day of slides and lazy rivers. Distance 7 km. Or the sea aquarium is worth a visit.

Discover the wines of Crete. Taste the delicious wines made from grapes varieties that have been used since Minoan times. Some of those grape varieties are Trapsathiry, filana, vilana, Kotsifali and Mandilari.  A winery you can visit is the Boutary Winery in the village of Skalani, close to Heraklion.

Sail to the small island of Dia from Heraklion Port.

Foraging trip & course In Crete to learn about the delicacies hidden in Cretan nature, explore the culinary culture and natural landscape off the beaten track guided by a local botanist with international experience. ​

Visit the nearby small town of Agios Nikolaos, with its unique features, the lake ("Voulismeni"), a folklore-inspiringly deep body of water which is connected to the sea by a narrow inlet. It is surrounded and overlooked by cafes and restaurants - a busy gathering place for local residents and visitors alike.

Next  stop is the cosmopolitan Elounda Village, The way from Agios Nikolaos to Elounda maybe is one of the most beautiful ways on the island. Keep driving till the village Plaka, with the marvelous view to Spinalonga  island. A visit to the island is a must and will be unforgettable!

Are you interested in Minoan Civilization we would propose a visit to the Archeological Site of Malia (5 km), which is the  third-largest Minoan palace in Crete, built in a wonderful setting near the sea, next to a marvelous  long sandy beach.

Knossos Minoan Palace is the largest palace, the most powerful one, during that period, the monumental symbol , due to its architectural plan, the size and the  advanced building techniques ( Knossos 5 km from Heraklion city, 30 km from Chersonissos). All the treasure of Knossos are exposed in the archeological museum of Heraklion.

A worth visit at Natural Museum of Heraklion, kids will love it.

Join on of our special activities with great Giorgos, Heraklion City Walk Tour, a great way to answer your every question to Crete, Greece's social, economic and political life.

Enjoy one of the best sailing trips in Crete, dive in crystal water enjoy your champaign and choose the BBQ between meat or sea food. Luxury service & top quality, for those who appreciate being pampered.

For golf lovers, the Crete Golf Club, the only 18-hole golf course on the island and one of the most impressive courses of the Mediterranean, which holds a unique challenge and a pleasant experience for both golf players and visitors all year round, is located very close to the villas, just 5 km away.

Take an  excursion to Lassithi Plateau, 900m above sea level,  is a vast expanse of green fields interspersed with pear and apple orchards and almond trees. Lasithi's major sight is the Dikteon Cave just outside the village of psychro. Here according to legend, Rea hid the newborn Zeus from Cronos, his offspring-gobbling father.

Find more activities in Heraklon Region!

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