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  1. International Chess Tournament of Paleochora Village

    • Chania
    The Paleochora Open (International Chess Tournament of Paleochora Village) is a wonderful event with a very decent prize fund (EUR €7,000) and a strong field of players (15 GMs and 15 IMs in the 2017 edition).
  2. Summer Festival Chania

    • Chania

    In the city of Chania cultural events are organized by the municipality during August, interspersed with theatrical nights, visual arts exhibitions, concerts with well known artists, nights with traditional music and dance groups.

  3. Chestnut Festival Elos

    • Chania

    Crete has a lot to "show" all the year round. Surely, Summer is still the most popular period, however there are a lot of people who want to experience the island, for example, during the Autumn, and of course there are a lot of things to do, see, and participate in.

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